Friday, December 4, 2015

Youtube Project #6

The Youtube project was something I enjoyed, part one was picking out a topic of videos that went viral on youtube and along the way there were a lot of equations involve. There were some struggles and mistakes I made along the way. A mistake i made was in the beginning of this project I forgot to add the date of each video and I added them all last minute. Another mistake I made was I left my notes at home twice, so I struggled with finding some of the equations for the Youtube project and I had to borrow the notes of others.

I learned to always keep organized when I am working with projects, after I was done with this project I organized my binder and it was easier to work with. I also learned a lot of equations and what output is.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Desmos Disaster #4 and #5

This week my class and I were assigned to create, our name on a graph with all of the math included on this program called desmos. Our first step was to get graph paper and trace our name perfectly on the paper, then from there, a lot of math came into the picture. I struggled very little this, but the hard part for me was actually plotting the points on the graph. Although I kept making small mistakes I pushed through and got all of my work done, but not quite.

I printed out my work and turned it in, after a little while I was on powerschool to check my grades, and I noticed that I got marked “not turned in.” I discussed this with my teacher and the paper was nowhere to be found, we agreed that this was no one's fault and a reasonable mistake. My job was to print out a new copy. I logged on to desmos and ALL OF MY WORK DISAPPEARED!!!!! It turns out I did not save my work after I printed it out, and now my next step was to make a new graph. Honestly I am glad I went through all of this, because this assignment taught me some helpful things. I learned to always make sure all of my work is saved even when I think I am done with an assignment. Also I learned something that opened my eyes was when I did the assignment for the second time I understood the work I was doing more and got it done faster.

Working with a cube? #3

This week was something different, we started working on your concept for physics, and math combined. The concept I shared with jaded, was the cube size and weight. This also involved the volume of the cube, which is something I struggle with the most. I kept making mistakes with the size of the cube which messed up our hole volume. The reason I kept making the same mistakes was because the yardstick was measured off and we couldn't get the right measurement. I asked to borrow a tape measure for the accurate measurement. Jaded and I had to start over again multiple times and had to gain a lot of patience along the way. I learned that as long as our group had enough patients we would be able to complete whatever we needed to get done.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Mistakes #2

The paper clip problem was the most stressful thing we learned this week, this was an assignment that Mr. Ko gave us to solve. The assignment was a piece of paper and the question on the paper was: If one paperclip was just over 4cm long, them how many paperclips would it take to reach 10 meters long? Since I am more of a visual learner I decided my first step would be to draw out what I had to do to complete in this problem, this turned out to be a fail. I completely switched steps around and had to erase my work multiple times. Once I got the help of other classmates I was able to complete the problem and turn it in. One thing I learned throughout this process is I have to have patients with the math I learn. I tend to get frustrated when I can't complete something, for the first time. I am certainly glad that I asked for help when I needed it. A mistake that was made was I procrastinated on the paper clip problem and finished most of my work, the morning it was due. Next time I am given a assignment I will work on it, the day it is given to me. A method that now works well for my learning and school work is, to write down all of my upcoming assignments in my calendar to not loose track of the things I have to get done.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Math Person? #1

Math Person?
Over the first week of school I learned more about the topic of math, to prepare myself for a year of hard work. “There is no such thing as a math person, no one is good, or bad at math, but determined.” This is something my teacher said that motivated me. This statement means a lot to me because, it's all about how much you push yourself through a test, assignment, project, etc. My class did a name game to prove this statement, we would write down as many students names in our class under a certain time period, then if we got a student's name wrong we would correct ourselves,  I struggled with this but the more we played, the game the more I found out other students names. By the end of the third round I knew everyone's name.

We also did a math assignment called Noah's Ark, this was hard assignment to complete but with others help I completed the work.  A mistake I made with this assignment was I started off doing all of the math wrong. I had to ask for help from multiple students. Some thing I should have done to have not made this mistake would be to ask for help in the beginning of the assignment. Another quote my teacher pointed out was“ If math gets hard, you should always find a way to push through, everyone has a unique style of learning.” This statement that my teacher told my class is very true, some people learn faster, and others learn slower. It's okay case if a student is very productive and is determined to they will find a way to become a great student.